´╗┐My studio is situated in Burgh Haamstede in the Netherlands. I live partially there and partially in Rotterdam.

At first glance my work seems diverse, but it is connected by a central theme: vulnerability. I feel the urge to express my perception of this vulnerability , of its beauty and of the beauty of the vulnerable world around us.

I don't like to be restricted to any predefined genre within photography. I mix studio photography with landscape- and portret photography, digital- with analogue- and even ancient techniques.

My images challenge the viewer visually and mentally. I want to make intuitiv, poetic photography, that reaches out to the heart as well as causes confusion. What is it we are looking at? My camera is not pointed directly at my subject, but I choose one of many layers I suspect present, which makes the work universal and actual at the same time. Playing with sharpness , motion and color I want to invite the spectator into the world of my imagination.